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Parent/Guardian Involvement During Training Sessions:
For the safety of our players, bystanders will be expected to remain out of communication distance from our training session area, so that players can fully focus on the coach and specific training session goals.  We understand the importance of informing and involving parents regarding the principles and training session goals.  Parents will be emailed educational topics routinely so they can be involved in their child's developmental process.
Players are expected to show up 15 minutes prior to start time. In order to avoid injuries, players are expected warm up prior to each class.
Parent Meetings, Discussion, Communication:
While we encourage parents to ask for player development feedback, our staff will not be be available to have conversations with parents during scheduled training times, including thirty minutes before the first scheduled training session.  However, parents can request a discussion time with the coaching staff.
Dress Code:
Please wear a white top, with black shorts and black socks until further notice.  Once our uniforms are in, we will require our student athletes to dress professionally, according to our uniforms.

Medical and Relocation Refund Requests:

  • Injury  -  In the event that a player is injured during the season and cannot train for the remainder of the season, the player will receive a partial refund.  Parents must submit a written request with a physician's note to qualify for the refund.


  • Relocation  -  In the event that a family relocates out of the area during the season, the player will receive a partial refund.  Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Parents must submit a written request with proper documentation of the relocation to qualify for the refund.

Please note:  Refundable amounts are time-sensitive as costs accrue to our organization for services provided to the player.  Consequently, the refundable amount will be affected by the date you request the refund.


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