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Toluca Soccer Academy is committed to the full development and success of our student athletes.  Our expert and highly licensed coaching staff fosters a player-centered environment that assists our players to achieve their highest aspirations.  We are dedicated to providing a positive training environment for youth players so that through our programs, they learn the importance of having self-respect and discipline in their daily lives, on and off the field.


The future for Toluca Soccer Academy is one full of promise and dedicated purpose.  To better understand our vision, we must understand what soccer can do for kids.  Youth soccer provided our President, Carlos Zavala, with a route that guided him away from the streets of Santa Ana.  Most importantly, soccer provided him with opportunities to excel at Saddleback High School, and eventually at Cal State Los Angeles, on a full-ride scholarship.  After his four-year career at Cal State Los Angeles, Carlos’ dream came true when he signed his first professional contract with C.D. Toluca, and eventually play professional soccer for over ten years, in Mexico and the United States.  Our Toluca Soccer Academy hopes to continue to provide a positive pathway for the lives of its student athletes.

Toluca Soccer Academy’s long-term vision is to provide a realistic soccer pathway for student athletes of all levels.  We are dedicated to attain and improve in the following training areas:

  • We aspire to identify, attract, guide, inform, and develop players of various levels of play and to promote them to the highest realistic level possible for each player.

  • Cultivate and grow scholarship funding through grants and sponsorships to remove financial barriers for financial hardship cases.


Our Core Values are RESPECT and DISCIPLINE.  We believe that these two values are extremely important in personal life and on the field.

Our message to players is to respect everyone that you come in contact with, and be disciplined within your home and academic chores and responsibilities.   On the field, you will learn the importance of respecting your roles and responsibilities by position, based on attacking and defending principles, based on your team's formation.  You will also learn the importance of staying disciplined within your team's style of play and system of play.  Your self-discipline and respect as a teammate can directly impact your own and your team's success.

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