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Toluca Soccer Academy's philosophy is to develop youth players by teaching the foundational principles of the four moments of the game (attacking organizations, defending organizations, transition to defense, transition to offense).  Your child will be coached by coaches who have played professionally, who have learned the game at the highest level, and who can teach the game at that level.  We strongly believe that in order to prepare players who are enroute to collegiate and professional environments, they need to be trained, mentored, and guided by coaches who lived and experienced such events and levels of play.


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Every year in the United States, parents spend thousands of dollars on 1 on 1 private training receiving very little return in their investment.  It is very common to see 1 on 1 private trainers put on a show, using loud, demanding voices, and placing cones all over the training field to impress parents.  These trainers teach static, isolated technical drills WITHOUT CONTEXT.  There is little value in this type of training that has youth players dribbling around cones, executing static, isolated foot skills, with minor relation to the game.  Such static and isolated activities can be great for first timers or beginners, in 1 on 1 environments.  However, the private trainer’s responsibility is to transfer the static and isolated technical activities into SKILL (skill is used to execute a decision that emphasizes an effective outcome in the game). 

Toluca Soccer Academy’s long-term developmental training goal is to fully develop our student athletes by teaching them how to play the game the correct way, based on the defensive and offensive principles of the game, and based on the four pillars a player needs - 1) technique, 2) tactical awareness, 3) physical, 4) psychosocial.  


We now have empirical data proving that the best player development method of transferring technique to skill is by creating environments for youth players where they will experience game-like situations, with realistic repetitions, with appropriate challenging offensive and defensive situations.  Teaching skill in small groups is far more valuable than teaching players individually, because a group setting is game-like and reality based versus a 1 on 1 environment.  One cannot realistically teach such principles in an individual player setting.

Our promise to our members is to provide knowledgable coaches who have played professionally, and who fully understand our teaching philosophy, based on the data and science of this beautiful game.

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