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What is a live betting? The best time to place an effective live bet​ What is Asian Handicap?

Live betting, also known as 'in-play' betting, is one of the most interesting types of bets, attracting the attention of many people in football betting. What is live betting? It is a type of football bet that is made while the match is in progress and within a certain period of time. When considering live bets in football betting, players need to act quickly because the time frame for these bets is short. Therefore, when playing live bets, you need to be very attentive, as a moment of inattention can cause you to miss an opportunity.

Live betting, also referred to as 'Running' bets, is commonly associated with Over/Under betting by football bettors in Vietnam. Due to its short duration, it requires players to be quick and sharp in decision-making and placing bets. Hence, even though live betting in football is quite popular, not everyone is successful with this type of bet.

In a football match, the number of live bets is not fixed and depends on how many the bookmaker offers for that game. To quickly choose a good bet, the most effective way to play live bets is to watch the game live, track the match, and continuously update the information on the betting board. Live betting in football allows players to bet during extra time, injury time, and even during penalty shootouts, so you certainly have many opportunities to choose good bets to place.

How to read Asian Handicap odds

To understand what an "in-play betting" (kèo rung) is, if you want your in-play betting strategy to be successful against the bookmakers, the next thing you need to do is to know how to read this type of bet. Below are ways to recognize in-play bets that people often apply. It not only helps them spot attractive odds but is also suitable for nearly all football matches in various big and small leagues.

Column: The position of the in-play betting column in football betting is the name of the bet. There are three basic types of bets that are commonly encountered: Asian handicap, Over/Under (Goals), and European odds, etc., for each half as well as for the entire match.

Row: This will display what the in-play betting odds are, including handicap betting, standard betting, and low handicap betting.

The odds for in-play betting are located at the top, positioned below each bet.

The odds ratio will be on the right, next to the betting odds.

To make your in-play betting profitable, remember to closely follow the live football betting odds. If you don't pay attention, the betting odds will change immediately, and you may place a bet with less accuracy, so keep this in mind. Additionally, when viewing in-play bets, you can also rely on the color coding of each type of bet to place accurate bets, such as seeing the odds with a red index indicates that the odds are increasing, and blue indicating they are decreasing compared to the initial odds.

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Characteristics of current types of Asian Handicap odds

Asian Handicap odds

What is a live Asian Handicap bet? The rules for this type of bet are based on the traditional Asian Handicap betting method, where the handicap is set by the bookmaker and players must predict the outcome correctly. However, compared to the traditional Asian Handicap, the outcome for a live Asian Handicap bet is only valid from the moment the player places the bet and is not related to the previous results of the match.

To put it simply, if in a match between Vietnam and Thailand at the 50th minute, the live Asian Handicap offered by the bookmaker is Vietnam giving a 0.5 goal handicap to Thailand, and the score before the live bet was Vietnam leading 2:0, then with a normal Asian Handicap, if a player bets on Vietnam and the 2:0 score remains until the end of the match, they would win the bet. However, with a live bet in football betting, the result is calculated from the 50th minute when the player places the bet, not considering the previous results. To win the bet, Vietnam must score at least one more goal than Thailand from that moment on.

Asian Handicap Over/Under odds

For live over/under betting, the way of calculating the bet is similar to the Asian Handicap. This means that all previous results are not counted, regardless of whether the teams have scored or not. The number of goals scored before the bookmaker offers the live Over/Under bet does not matter. For example, if the match between England and France is at a score of 2:0 and at the 60th minute you bet on a live over/under of 2.5, if you bet on over, you will win if there are at least 3 more goals in the match. If you choose under, you win if the teams score fewer than 3 additional goals.

European Handicap odds

The way of betting on live European Handicap is similar to the two aforementioned bets, where the outcome is calculated from the moment the player places the bet. A key characteristic of the live European Handicap is, from the moment the player places the bet, whichever team scores more goals wins the bet. If both teams score the same number of goals, it is considered a draw.

When should you bet on Asian Handicap odds?

From the information provided above, you surely now have an overall understanding of what in-play betting (kèo rung) is. Are you also interested in participating in this type of betting? However, it's important to note that in-play betting doesn't always guarantee a win at any time; you need to choose the most opportune moment to place your bet. So, when should you engage in in-play betting?

According to the experience shared by long-term football betting enthusiasts, the best moments to engage in in-play betting include:

If you're considering in-play betting in the first half, you should place your bet as soon as the match starts. To have a better basis for in-play betting in the first half, you need to research the head-to-head history of the two teams and monitor the odds table to make an accurate choice.

For in-play betting in the second half, the strategy is to choose Over/Under bets at the beginning of the half. If you want to bet on the Asian Handicap, it's advisable to wait until the end of the match to place your bet. When engaging in in-play betting in the second half, you should also research which bets haven't been applied in the first half and avoid those that were already used in the first half.

Effective strategies for playing Asian Handicap odds

To win at in-play betting in football, several factors need to be considered, among which being cautious in every decision you make is the primary foundation for success. To assist you in understanding what in-play betting is, we will provide you with some effective betting tips win. These are surely valuable insights for you.

The first thing in in-play betting is that you need to pay attention to the betting odds, as each bookmaker has their own betting method and they are never the same, even in terms of timing. Therefore, before you decide to engage in in-play betting, it's important to thoroughly understand the website you choose to place your bets on, as this will help you to time your bets more accurately.

Before placing an in-play bet, research information related to the match, such as team lineups, players' form, scoring ability of both teams, head-to-head history, etc. These factors are quite necessary and will help you to make a more accurate 100 sure home win prediction.

One limitation of in-play betting in football is that bookmakers can easily refuse your bet, citing the reason that the match results are not absolute. If you are determined to engage in in-play betting, when you see a favorable bet, place your wager immediately. Whether or not your bet is accepted by the bookmaker is their decision, so don't worry too much about it.

In tense matches or encounters between top teams, it's not advisable to choose in-play betting. The nature of these matches is unpredictable, as both teams play dedicatedly and know how to take advantage of opportunities. This can make it difficult for you to accurately predict in-play bets. Therefore, it is best to avoid in-play betting in matches involving teams from the top 1 to 5 in the rankings. This is an experienced piece of advice from long-term players.

For in-play betting, choose matches where the bookmaker offers handicaps of 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75. Avoid in-play betting in friendly matches or youth games such as U20, U21. In-play betting is more effective in less popular, smaller matches.

A strict rule in in-play betting in football is not to bet on many games at the same time. Since in-play betting requires monitoring the match, betting on multiple games can distract you and reduce your focus, thus affecting your analysis effectiveness. A smart approach is to bet on only 1 or 2 in-play bets at the same time.

Finally, the terms and conditions of in-play betting are very important, and you need to understand them well. If there is anything unclear, ask the customer support of the bookmaker. If your bet is canceled by the bookmaker, don't get too upset, as this is a characteristic of this type of bet.

Having thoroughly understood the nature, features, and how to play in-play betting, are you ready to participate in the best prediction app in the world? Wintips hopes that all the information provided will be beneficial to everyone, especially those who love football betting.


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