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Upgrade Customer Servicing Capabilities with Custom Chatbot for Businesses 

Happyml offers chatbots for businesses to bridge the gap between your business and customers. With the ability to be deployed across your website, web application, SMS, email, or WhatsApp, it essentially works as an extension of your in-house sales & support teams to deliver efficient resolutions. 

It can be seamlessly auto-trained on your business information and provide a consistent customer service experience across multiple digital environments. 

Enhance your capabilities beyond a website - ensure fast and accurate responses to your customers regardless of where they communicate. 

Automate all Customer Journey Touchpoints

Optimize customer relations and manage high-intent clients through automation. With our chatbots for businesses, you can boost:

·        Customer Support

Answer common questions 

Resolve customer issues

Send links to FAQs or other help center articles

Transfer to a human agent 

·        Marketing

Initiate conversations with new customers 

Educate about products and services

Transfer high-intent leads to sales department

·        Sales

Qualify leads

Personalize sales and offers

Transfer qualified leads to sales representatives

Get More Value from your Chatbot

Enhance your business with a custom AI chatbot with dedicated workflows, automated responses, personalization options, multiple learning sources, and 95+ language support. 

Start a free trial today and maximize customer retention and loyalty with our chatbots for businesses. 


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